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World War One Engagement Centre: Voices of War and Peace

‘Girls Who Would Fight’: Young Women and the Call to Arms

The Volunteering Women of Worcestershire

From Flanders to Helmand: a study of chaplaincy and change in the British Army, 1914-2014

Not Just Jam and Jerusalem: Pershore Women’s Institute

Refugee Relief during the First World War

Harsh Realities: The British Army and the Problem of 1915

These Dangerous Women

Children in Wartime: The Effect of War on School Children in Pershore and the Surrounding District

Belgium Refugees in Pershore and Evesham

Memento to Memorial: Leicester’s War Memorial Journey

Women Doctors in the First World War

Sphagnum Moss

Glasgow University’s Great War: Chaplains and Theology Students

Mothers First! The Women’s Co-operative Guild’s Maternity Letters

Archibald Allan Bowman’s war experience

Shot at Dawn- Lest We Forget

Women Munitions Workers and the Trade Unions

Connections between Great Wars; 1793-1815 and 1914-1919

Labour Unrest Amongst First World War Female Workers

‘Remembering World War One’ Module


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Voices Blog

Project: The Indian Army in the First World War: An Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Perspective

27th July 2017 By Nicola Gauld

The Soldiers of Oxfordshire (SOFO) Museum and Oxford University’s History Faculty are delighted to have jointly received a £12,000 funding grant from the Arts & Humanities Research Council ‘Voices of War & Peace’ WWI Engagement Centre.

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On This Day, 27 July 1917

27th July 2017 By Nicola Gauld

Evening Despatch

Friday 27 July 1917



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On This Day, 26 July 1917

26th July 2017 By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Mail

Thursday 26 July 1917



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