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World War One Engagement Centre: Voices of War and Peace

Mothers First! The Women’s Co-operative Guild’s Maternity Letters

Archibald Allan Bowman’s war experience

Shot at Dawn- Lest We Forget

Women Munitions Workers and the Trade Unions

Connections between Great Wars; 1793-1815 and 1914-1919

Labour Unrest Amongst First World War Female Workers

‘Remembering World War One’ Module

The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Families Association, County Dublin Division, 1914: a case study

Girl Guides: Gender and Childhood on the Home Front

Sophie Carey and the National Food Fund

Exhibiting the Great War in 2014

The Recapture of Gheluvelt, 31 October 1914

The Silenced War

The Women Left Behind

Manchester’s Voices of Peace

Zeppelin Raids

Menin Road and Remembrance

Breaking the Hindenburg Line

Rounding on the Germans

The Fighting Warwicks and South Staffs


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Voices Blog

Your Community in the First World War: A Roadshow

27th July 2015 By Nicola Gauld

Three free and open events with speakers, workshops, stalls and networking opportunities.

8th September 2015 at the Imperial War Museum North, Manchester

9th September 2015 at the City Museum, Leeds

10th September 2015 at Newcastle University

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Call for Volunteers: The Centre of Curious Sonic Investigation

24th July 2015 By Nicola Gauld

The Centre of Curious Sonic Investigation is working with Voices of War & Peace WW1 Engagement Centre and Birmingham City University’s Margaret Street School of Art on Absconditi Viscus, a phonic residency by Justin Wiggan.

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Project Update: The Tear Gas Connection

23rd July 2015 By Nicola Gauld

Tear Gas was a key theme of the Media for Social Change activities this year (part of the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research). After we hosted the Tear Gas Research Connection UK meeting last November, we organised in April 2015 a panel discussion on the military, policing, legal, commercial and medical aspects of tear gas, both in historic and more contemporary contexts.

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