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Voices Blog

Research Opportunity

27th January 2015 By Nicola Gauld

Research Bursary Opportunity

The first female House Surgeon at Worcester General Infirmary

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The Diary of Dorothy Priest, January 26th 1915

26th January 2015 By Nicola Gauld

The Mail went mad yesterday because on Sunday the Hun “babykillers” came out into the North Sea to raid the British coast again.

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What is World War One in the Vale?

23rd January 2015 By Voices

Did you know that Pershore Plums helped win the First World War? Or that the Vale of Evesham employed the highest number of child labourers to support the war effort? These are just a few of the stories which have been discovered about the WW1 Home Front in the Vales of Evesham and Pershore. Read more…