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Civic events to commemorate the First World War

22nd July 2014 By Nicola Gauld

Saturday 2nd August – Monday 4th August 2014

Birmingham City Council is committed to commemorating the First World War with a 5 year programme of events and activities.  This year the city will commemorate the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War with a weekend of events.

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Performance: Minimum Monument

21st July 2014 By Nicola Gauld

Minimum Monument by Néle Azevedo 

Birmingham Hippodrome is delighted to present Minimum Monument, a major exhibition by the award winning Brazilian artist Néle Azevedo.

Minimum Monument is a poignant and moving display featuring 5,000 figures made out of ice. Members of the public will be invited to place the beautifully crafted sculptures on the steps of the city’s Chamberlain Square where they can watch as the sea of ice figures melt.

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Gallantry and Loyalty

4th July 2014 By Nicola Gauld

The WAWI Project and Perry Barr Housing Liaison Board invite you to join us in marking the Centenary of World War One. On Thursday 10th July from 1pm – 3pm we host a community Commemoration at the Kingsdown Avenue Recreational Area in Great Barr.

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