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The Diary of Dorothy Priest, September 2nd 1914

2nd September 2014 By Nicola Gauld

Nothing in the papers.  We saw trains going past with the Red Cross on each coach; two going towards Birmingham and one the other way. 

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The First World War: Nursing – Call for Papers

1st September 2014 By Nicola Gauld

The University of Worcester’s annual Women’s History Conference seeks papers for next year’s event on Saturday 21 November 2015 under the heading of The First World War: Nursing.

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The Diary of Dorothy Priest, September 1st 1914

1st September 2014 By Nicola Gauld

No news in the papers.  I went into town today by train.  There was a tremendous crowd outside Suffolk Street recruiting office.  It gave me a thrill to see them.  There were more crowds outside the Town Hall.

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