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By Nicola Gauld

On This Day, 13 February 1918

On 13, Feb 2018 | No Comments | In On This Day | By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Daily Gazette

Wednesday 13 February 1918



No time is being lost in the formation of Liberal Associations for the twelve new Parliamentary divisions of Birmingham. Last night, at 125, St. Vincent-street, Sir Henry Manton presided over an enthusiastic and representative meeting of Liberals resident in the Ladywood Division, which is comprised of the Ladywood and Rotton Park municipals wards.

A new Divisional Council was set up, with Mr. J. B. Hobman as president; Miss Mary Manton, Miss Meyrick, Councillor Sir Henry Manton, Messrs, D. T. Young, S. D. Lewis, F. Mills, S. Rowlands, and Councillor Marks, as vice-presidents; Mr. T. W. Trought as hon. Treasurer; and Mr. J. M. Kenrick as hon. Secretary.

The desirability or otherwise of contesting the division at the next General Election was discussed at some length, and a sub-committee was appointed to consider the matter and report to the full meeting of the new Divisional Council.


At present the only prospective candidate for Ladywood is Councillor J. W. Kneeshaw, who originally stated that it was his intention to fight Mr. Austen Chamberlain. It was announced the other day that Mr. Neville Chamberlain might become the Unionist candidate for the Ladywood seat. When interviewed by a Gazette representative on the point, the ex- Director- General of National Service did not explicitly deny the rumour, but stated that, as no new Unionist Association had been formed in any of the divisions, it was premature to associate his name with any particular constituency.


The following resolution was carried:- “That this meeting protests against the assumption of Mr. Austen Chamberlain to speak against Proportional Representation in the name of Birmingham, which has suffered in the past from the tyranny of caucus rule and which is entitled to ‘P.R.’ or the Alternative Vote to give democracy a chance of fair and adequate representation under the new Reform Act.”

A resolution thanking Mr. T. E. Mitton for his past services to the Liberal cause in the old Central Division was passed, and with it as coupled an expression of sympathy on the recent death of his son.

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