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In On This Day

By Nicola Gauld

On This Day, 7 December 1917

On 07, Dec 2017 | No Comments | In On This Day | By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Mail

Friday 7 December 1917



In the Third Court of Birmingham Police to-day James Hamstead Brown, 215, Broad Street, and Thomas Griffiths, his assistant, were summoned for imposing a condition to the sale of bacon and butter. It was alleged that when 11lb. of bacon was being sliced for a customer she was asked “anything else?” She replied “half a pound of butter.” Thereupon the assistant enquired: “You are registered here, are you not?” When she replied in the negative he observed, “Well you can’t have the bacon or butter.” The customer asked why, and the assistant said: “Where you have taken the sugar card, go for your and butter.”

Griffiths admitted that he refused the bacon, and stated that so many strangers came to the shop that regular customers of years’ standing could not approach the place.

The defendant Brown said gave his assistant orders while not refusing customers whole, to look after registered customers and give them preference.

Mr. W. Roberts (chairman), in fining Griffiths 40s., said they took into consideration the fact that he had been perfectly frank. The summons against the employer Brown was dismissed.

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