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By Nicola Gauld

On This Day, 6 September 1917

On 06, Sep 2017 | In On This Day | By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Mail

Thursday 6 September 1917


Hundreds of business premises (as well as Government departments) who have tea clubs, have raised the point as to whether they will be allowed any sugar under the card scheme.

Their hopes are doomed to disappoint, the London New Agency understands, as it will not be possible for them to obtain a single lump of sugar unless each member brings the sugar from his or her domestic allowance.

Even the chairwoman will have to provide her own sugar when working at a house unless the mistress gives out some of her own store.

The form of registration shortly to be issued will make it clear that only people actually sleeping in the house will be counted in the sugar allowance.

The postal authorities in Birmingham are now delivering the sugar application for one which should be made to the nearest local post office. The forms filled up, and giving the number of persons ordinarily resident in a house, should be returned to the Local Food Office no later than October 5. The letter need not be stamped.

Several hundred voluntary workers (for day work, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) will be required commencing Sept. 17. Names should be send to Mr. E. Cooke, Birmingham Gas Department.