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By Nicola Gauld

On This Day, 4 August 1917

On 04, Aug 2017 | In On This Day | By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Mail

Saturday 4 August 1917


It does not fall to the lot of every Birmingham man to have the opportunity of rendering a personal service to a Queen. Yet such is the distinction that has come to Mr. C. A. Redfern, whose father lives in the neighbourhood of Lozells and Handsworth. The representative in Holland of a Birmingham firm, he was travelling to Amsterdam, when, as reported, the train met with an accident, in which a number of the carriages were derailed, including the Royal saloon, in which the Queen of Holland was returning from witnessing some military manoeuvres. Escaping injury, Mr. Redfern went to the help of the passengers in the damaged coaches, and was offering a cup of water to a lady when she thanked him, saying that, although shaken, she was unhurt, and desired him first to give water to the injured. It was, Mr. Redfern subsequently discovered to his surprise, the Queen of Holland, and afterwards she assisted him to succour a woman who was unconscious, kneeling down and resting the woman’s head on her lap. The Queen appeared much interested and pleased when she discovered in the course of an informal conversation that he spoke English.