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By Nicola Gauld

On This Day, 17 July 1917

On 17, Jul 2017 | In On This Day | By Nicola Gauld

Birmingham Mail

Tuesday 17 July 1917



Ethel Beale (18), 28, Well Street, was charged before Lord Ilkeston (Stipendiary), at the Birmingham Police Court, to-day, with stealing £32, the property of Thomas Butler, 17, Summer Lane, between May 26 and July 3, and Thomas Plimmer, Snow Hill, was summoned on charge of receiving the same.

Prosecutor said that from time to time he placed money, amounting to £50, in a cash-box in his bedroom, and on July 3 he missed £32. The female prisoner had worked at his house as a chairwoman.

Detective-constable Sterry said Beale admitted the theft, and on her suggestion accompanied her to the rear of the Metropole Theatre, Snow Hill, where Plimmer was engaged at caretaker. Beale said; “Oh, Tom, I have had to admit it. I could not stick it any longer. You might well admit it, but I hope you will not get into any trouble on account of your children.” Plummer said; “I know nothing about it.” The girl replied, “Yes, you do. Tom. Tell the truth. I gave you a £1 note on Wednesday.” Plimmer said, “Yes. but I did not know it was pinched.” Beale then went to gas stove and pulled out a paper containing four £1 notes.

The Stipendiary was not satisfied that knew the money had been stolen, and dismissed the charge against him. Beale was sent to gaol for three months.